Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Spotted Hyena

Scientific name: Crocuta crocuta

Fact: Hyena's resemble a dog but is more closely related to a cat

Height:5 1/2 ft (female larger than males)

Weight: 130-175 lb

Lifespan: Up to 25 years

Natural habitat: open grass land in africa south of the sahara except southern south africa and the congo

Litter: 2-3

Predators: Lions, hunting dogs and humans

Diet: hunts wildebeest and zebra but also scavenge

Endangerments status: least concern but are declining due to hunting and the stereotype that these animals are "evil"

Interesting facts: Hyenas cough up indigestible food in pellet form. a hyena can chase and kill a prey upto 3 times its size. Hyenas were once thought to be both female and male due to their genitals looking similar. Hyenas howl to the ground unlike wolves who howl upwards. Hyenas are able to bite through bone. If hyena cubs are the same sex one will kill the other.

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