Wednesday, 11 August 2010


small facts:weasels often hunt rabbits.
scientific name:mustela erminea
length:15 to 23 cm long.
height:could not find inform me if u do find out.
lifespan:3-11years(up to 26 years in captivity)
natural habitat:The coast, the mountains, the prairies and the far north.
diet:It hunts for rabbits, rats, birds, frogs, ground squirrels and pika ( a small rodent that lives in the mountains) .
litter:around 2 babys
predators: Snakes, hawks and owls also human which kill them four there beautiful fur.

interesting facts:
.A weasel is not afraid to fight a bear or a porcupine
.a weasel has very powerful feet and sharp claws
.the weasels tail always has a black tip even in winter.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


small facts:A male lions mane protects serious injury.

scientific name:Panthera leo
height:Male lions are 4 feet in height.Females are 44 inches in height.
lifespan:7-10 years in the wild(30years in captivity)
natural habitat:desert, Serengeti Plain,scrub wood areas.
diet:some are wildebeest,buffalo,zebra.
litter:1-6 baby's

interesting facts:
.when new males take over the pride it may kill the cubs to be able to mate sooner
.the lion has a good eyesight that it can see animals that are camouflaged.
.the older the lion gets the darker its fur gets.