Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Scientific name: suricata suricatta

Fact: a meerkat can dig through a amount of sand equal to its size in meer seconds


Weight:2 pounds

Lifespan: Around 10 years

Natural habitat: open country side specifically in southern Africa

Litter: 4-5 young

Predators: Other meerkats (territory not for food), birds of prey, large snakes and mammals like the hyena

Diet: Mainly insects also large eggs, lizards and some plants

Endangerment status: Low risk

Interesting facts:
Meerkats are immune to scorpion and snake poison. They group together to scare off predators much larger than themselves. Meerkats use their tails so they can balance as well as using it to signal. Meerkats are like a small society they have the baby sitter to look after the young. The teacher to teach the juvenile to hunt also the sentry and hunters.

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