Thursday, 15 August 2013

Arctic Wolf

Scientific name: Canis lupus arctos

Fact: wolves will often go with out food so when they do get some they can eat up to 100 pounds of meat at a time

Height/length:25-31 inches and 3-5 ft

Weight:175 Lb but females are lighter than males

Lifespan:7 years average

Natural habitat: Throughout the arctic

Sexual maturity: Males: 3 years Females: 2 years

Gestation: 53-61 Days


Predators: Polar bears, other wolves and humans

Diet: arctic hares, musk ox, caribou and lemmings

Interesting facts:lives in a pack with up to 30 wolves but usually 7-10 wolves. food is so scarce in the arctic that the wolf does not waste a single bit they will eat the skin, fur and bones. they younger pack members are the ones who will watch the cubs as the mothers go hunting. Within the pack there is a hierarchy and the dominate wolf will often make wolves lower then him roll on their backs in a submission . Yet even with this display of dominance there is very little friction in the packs.  

endangerment statute: least concern

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