Monday, 6 August 2012

Harp Seal

scientific name: phoca groenlandica

small fact: females only nurse their young 10 minutes every hour but the pup i otherwise alone.

length:160-190cm or 63-75in
weight:130-160kg or 287-353lbs


natural habitat: Arctic and north Western Atlantic and breeds in the gulf of st.Laurence off Newfoundland,east of green land and in the white sea.

litter: 1 pup and are usually weaned in 12 days

predators:polar bears and humans who hunt young harp seals for there fur.

diet:feeds on fish such as capelin,cod and herring also crabs and types of squids

Interesting facts: while most seals use there front flippers to move harp seals use there back flippers.
the harp seals front flippers are more paw like. the dark patches on these seals are lighter on females then males. adult harp seals have black heads and a black harp shape on there backs which gives them their names. harp seals are mostly in the ocean except to give birth in which there can be up to 2000 seal per square kilometre.

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