Monday, 6 August 2012

Bengal tiger

scientific name: Panthan Tigris Tigris 

small fact: A tiger roar can be heard from 3 km away. 

Endangerment status : endangered 

height: 5ft-6ft and 2ft-3ft for the tail 

weight: 240-500 pounds 

lifespan: 8-10 year in the wild 

natural habitat:oak wood, forests, tall grass lands, swamps and marshes. They are also indigenous to India and are also known as the Indian tiger.

litter: they have about 3-4 cubs 

predators: leopards,hyenas,pythons,crocodiles and other tiger will prey on the Bengals young the only predator the adult will have is most likely a lion and another tiger 

diet: they will eat anything from termites to an elephants young. but are most like to eat moose,deer,pigs,cows,horses,buffalo and goats 

Interesting Facts: 
there were 8 tiger subspecies at one time but 3 became extinct during the 20th centuary. They are extreamly good swimmers unlike most felines. 

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