Monday, 26 July 2010


small facts:when male hippos fight for there territory. when roaring and splashing and if that doesn't work a bloody battle would break would last for hours ending with the losers death.

scientific name:hippopotamus amphibius
length:16 1/2ft
lifespan:40 years
natural habitat:wetlands and still waters:lakes,ponds,marshes,bogs,swamps,rivers,streams,all flowing waters,moor,savanna,field and scrub-land
litter:1 baby
Predators:Humans, lions, crocodiles

interesting facts:
.did you know hippos can't sweat so they can't control there body temp so that is why they wallow.
.hippos have gigantic heads with large jaws.on the lower jaw there are to dagger like teeth the razor-sharp fangs may be as long as 12in(30cm) and can be deadly in fighting.
.a hippo is one of Africa's largest mammals and also one of Africa's most dangerous animals.

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