Friday, 28 January 2011


small facts:the Aardwolf is a small animal that is related to a hyena.
.the Aardwolf means earth wolf in afrikaan language

scientific name:Proteles cristata

length:65-80cm (22-31")

hight:40-50cm at shoulder

weight:8 to 12 kg

lifespan:14 years in captivity

natural habitat:they live in the open, grassy plains of east and south Africa.
The diet:paticuler snouted harvest termites,maggots,grubs,other soft body incets, rarely, they will feed on small mammals, birds and carrion.

litter:A litter include as much as six cubs, but two to four is the usule amount.
the length is around 59-61 days.

preditors:humans and dogs are usualy the preditors of an aardwolf.

diet:termites,maggots,grubs and other soft body incects.Also on small mammles but this is very rare.

Other facts:Aardwolf is the Afrikaans word for "earth wolf"
endangerd stats:least consered.
a baby is called a cub pup or whelp
a female is called a bitch or fae
a male is called a dog or brute
a whole group is called apack or rout

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