Tuesday, 23 February 2010

adelie penguin

small fact: The feet of an Adelie penguin are tough and bumpy which helps the Adelie penguin to walk through snow and rocks.

scientific name:Pygoscelis adeliae
length:40cm - 75cm (16in - 30in)
weight: 3kg - 6kg (7lbs - 13lbs)
Life Span:10 - 20 years
natural habitat:Antarctic Land and Ocean#
number of eggs:around 1 each year

other facts: the adelie penguin is thoght that 5 million are left!

. The Adelie penguin feet are normally white but turn pink after swimming as they have more blood flowing to them.
.The Adelie penguins use their strong feet and nails to help them to climb the rocky terrain that leads to their nesting grounds.
.The Adelie penguins use their feet and nails with their legs in order to push themselves along when sliding along the snow.
.The Adelie penguins use their webbed feet along with their small flippers to propel them along when swimming in the cold waters.
I hope this is very informative.

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